Welcome! This is the home of a research and documentation project for one of the first microcomputers, the 1975 Sphere 1 from Utah.

Learn more and try out a virtual Sphere! Book coming soon!

About Sphere

The Sphere 1 was launched in 1975 by Mike Wise of Bountiful, Utah. It was an all-in-one integrated microcomputer based on the new Motorola 6800 platform. It was ahead of its time; it was also delayed, somewhat difficult to use and frequently flaky. The company disappeared by 1977, and Sphere was soon a punchline, then a footnote. 

The Sphere computer may have been at its heart a hobbyist's machine, but its design and capabilities prefigured the mass-market computers that would become ubiquitous a few years later. 

Sphere Demo Video!

About this project

I'm Ben Zotto, a research historian, engineer, and writer from California. I'm working on the story of Sphere-- a unique computer, and the unique company who built it and the people who used it. Working on a forthcoming book that will document hundreds of hours of research; sign up for updates!

As part of this research, I've built a virtual web emulator for the standard Sphere configuration, including the first new game for the Sphere in 40+ years. 👾 😂 Try computing like it's 1975. 

Do you have Sphere hardware, software, paperwork or stories?

I'd dearly love to hear from you. Sphere systems and kits were produced in small numbers; they were often unloved even in their time and are now very obscure. Some material has been thankfully preserved, but there's plenty I haven't had the opportunity to study and archive. If you're looking to get your old Sphere stuff to a good home, have some unseen material in a closet, or have stories of working with or for these computers, let's talk

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