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Enhance your Sphere system with an essential upgrade: as much RAM as you want with one low-power and reliable 64K static memory board!! A base Sphere system can't even load a BASIC, but now you can! This full-size retro-vintage creation looks right at home cabled into your Sphere system, and includes a cassette tape containing a memory test program plus a detailed manual. Upgrade your Sphere just like it's 1976, and support the book project at the same time!

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Any 4K address blocks

Enable or disable access to any 4K block of address space. Standard systems will accommodate 52K of additional memory -- equivalent to four (!) MEM/1 boards, and far more reliable. The board also adds termination for the noisy data bus.

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High quality vintage components

Grippy new-old-stock 14-pin sockets will hold your ribbon cables securely. All components on the SPHERE MEM/6 MODULE are either actual NOS/vintage parts, or were available in the mid 1970s. (Except the static RAM chip, of course, but you have to look close to know.)

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Memory Test program included

A Sphere-compatible program cassette including a memory test program to validate your new RAM-- or check your original DRAMs for issues. (Requires SIM/1 board and PDS-V3N or compatible ROMs)

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Detailed instructions

Instruction and technical manual including setup information, Theory of Operation, and board schematic. Xeroxed and three-hole-punched. Just like the old days.

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How to purchase

The SPHERE MEM/6 MODULE package including board, program cassette, and manual-- fully assembled and tested-- is available for $100, postpaid in the United States. This is a real product—I will happily sell you one—but it's also a sort of art project. I went all the way on the 1970s PCB styling and packaging as a way of understanding how small technical products were assembled in that era. Also, it was super fun. 

If you would like to purchase a SPHERE MEM/6 MODULE, email me at bzotto at gmail dot com with questions or for a PayPal invoice.

Please note that any bundles sold will be "handmade to order" and may use slightly different parts or colors to what you see here. But fully tested! :-)

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